Saturday, 27 April 2013


Restart,Shutdown and Log Off Another PC

Restart,Shutdown and Log Off Another PC  Hii... Friends today I am going to tell you a awesome trick through which you can restart,shutdown and log off another PC by using very simple tricks. All you have to know is that victim's IP address. And this trick works on all versions of Windows. So here is the solution .......

Step 1 - Open Run command from start menu type shutdown -i and hit enter.

Restart,Shutdown and Log Off Another PC

Step 2 - A new window will open named as Remote Shutdown Dialogue in which click on Add button.
Here enter the victim's IP
 address in this format - and enter victim's PC name in this format abc_pc  Where abc is victim's PC name. Click on OK.

Restart,Shutdown and Log Off Another PC

Step 3 - Select the action that you want to perform with the victim from the drop down menu . If you want to warn the victim about this action, select the check box "Warn users of the action" then set time, display warning for 30 seconds or more.

Step 4 - Now in Shutdown event tracker section check the Planned box and from the drop down menu select Application : Installation Planned 

Restart,Shutdown and Log Off Another PC

Step 5 - You can type the comments that will be displayed in victims PC. Click on OK. The victim will see a System Shutdown Windows with time and comments that you had been set.

That's it your work has been done. 

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  1. Hello, i tried on my colleague's system but the message is showing "Access is denied" , will u tell m hw can i do d same

    1. Enter the pc name in proper order as abc_pc and you must be connected with internet while performing this

  2. my english is not that much good so please excuse...
    first goto victim's pc then to to run type secpol.msc then move to localpolicies->userrightsassignments then you will find "force shutdown from a remote" system here you can change Any-one then you will shutdown the victim's pc in your pc with in network only.